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BioGeometry is a new science founded by Egyptian architect and scientist Dr Ibrahim Karim

BioGeometry is a new science founded by Egyptian architect and scientist Dr Ibrahim Karim

Centerpoint Now Magazine, New York, USA - ISSUE 25, pp.112-113, December 2013
BioGeometry: The science that should shape our world
By Ahmed Wafik, M.S

Architect | Urban Designer | -

As an architect and an urban designer I have always valued shapes, as they are the fabric of my craft.
Yet, I never imagined that a shape could have a physical and psychological impact on human welfare.
That changed when I came across the science of Bio-Geometry, revered by many as “the science of
BioGeometry is a new science founded by Egyptian architect and scientist, Dr. Ibrahim Karim. It is
based on a Physics of Quality, which deals with characteristics of environmental energy. This science
introduces a design language, utilizing the energy principles of geometrical shapes to balance
biological energy systems within our environment. In order to do this, BioGeometry encompasses
universal laws and natural dynamics affecting living energy systems, which have been largely ignored
by modern civilization at the cost of our health and overall well-being.
Evidence indicating that the geometrical shapes that BioGeometry creates have a uniquely positive
influence on human health, as well as a phenomenal effect on water molecules and crystals, as proven
by Dr. Masaru Emoto. The studies' findings sparked great interest among international scientists and
researchers. Consequently, numerous studies are now being conducted worldwide on the benefits of
BioGeometry in various fields. Results have shown that BioGeometry has succeeded in providing
solutions, namely with regard to modern-day problems related to the electromagnetic fields and
radiation (EMFs & EMR) emitted by cell phones, cell phone towers, high voltage power-lines/station,
and radars.
As dependency on devices, which emit these EMFs/EMR, increases, our living and working spaces are
becoming oversaturated with their harmful emissions. Even the World Health Organization has
recently declared that, “Electromagnetic fields of all frequencies represent one of the most common
and fastest growing environmental influences, about which anxiety and speculation are spreading. All
populations are now exposed to varying degrees of EMF, and the levels will continue to increase as
technology advances”. Indeed, multiple studies have established linkages between EMFs & EMR and
illnesses such as brain tumours, leukaemia, breast cancer, as well as other health problems including
sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, vertigo, headaches, miscarriage, fatigue, and hyperactivity
and lack of concentration in children.
BioGeometry has been especially successful in eliminating the negative health effects caused by shortterm
exposure to EM sources. This achievement was widely publicized by the Swiss government and
media as “The Miracle of Hemberg & Hirschberg”: In 2002, the Swisscom telecom company installed
a cell phone antenna station in the remote town of Hemberg, Switzerland. This had a strong negative
impact on the residents of the town, who were used to living in a natural and virgin environment.
Almost all of them suffered from sleep disorders and some had severe health issues that they had never
before experienced. The people blamed the newly installed antenna for their health problems. In
addition, they reported that some types of birds disappeared from the area and that certain plants were
no longer thriving. The problem was widely publicized, putting pressure on the telecom company and
the government to address the matter. Dr. Ibrahim offered BioGeometry as a solution, placing
specially designed BioGeometrical shapes in the context of the cell antenna and in the houses of some
of the residents who were severely suffering from the antenna's radiation. Within a few days, almost
all the residents reported sleeping better and, over time, their health problems disappeared. It was very
clear to the residents and all parties involved that these BioGeometrical shapes solved their
electromagnetic problem. Similar BioGeometrical solutions were implemented in the town of
Hirshberg, Switzerland after a new cell antenna was installed there. The results were equally
successful in battling the harmful EMFs.
These two projects demonstrating the effectiveness of BioGeometry in eliminating negative side
effects of short-term exposure to EMR, have prompted new research on the long-term potential of
BioGeometry in reducing the development or growth of cancer cells.
The implementation of BioGeometrical designs is expanding to many fields including that of
architecture and interior design. Designing buildings, furniture and fixtures using BioGeometry will
create mega BioGeometrical shapes that reinforce healthier energy qualities in our living spaces and
environment. As a BioGeometry designer, my commitment is to apply BioGeometry to urban, public
spaces—the most significant spaces in a city, visually, formally, functionally and energetically—in
order to yield positive impacts for the public at large.
About the Author:
Ahmed Wafik, an Architect & Urban Designer. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Urban Design
& Community Development and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Architectural Engineering. Ahmed
is also a certified BioGeometrical designer and has conducted in depth research on the science
through his Master Thesis in which he developed guidelines for applying BioGeometry in Urban
Design. Ahmed's work aim to bring new attributes and principles related to public health in living
spaces, and to create designs that are in harmony and resonance with the surrounding environment
and aid in achieving higher levels of comfort for the human body