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Beth Sturdivant a successful business woman with EHS

Beth Sturdivant a successful business woman with EHS


It all begins one evening on the way home from a party: her Hummer is pulled over by the police and she is arrested on a DWI, without having consumed the alcohol required to sustain such a charge. This inexplicable event starts a chain reaction of baffling circumstances that ultimately leads Beth on a mission to find out what’s tormenting her.

Blindsided, with no means of defense, nor any help that appears available, Beth suffers persecution and misunderstanding while she travels the country during her desperate quest to expose this malicious secret and save her life.

You will not soon forget Backyard Secret Exposed — a true story of astonishing perseverance from the desperate woman who lived it.

“We were all shocked because we had never seen her sick or down. It took over her body like a disease would do to a person’s body. We felt helpless because we did not know what to do for her.” — Mary Ked Driver/Sister-in-law

“Beth’s personality started changing. She spent many days traveling to physicians for help with little results. Beth’s brain was in a dense fog, unlike our quick thinking daughter, always on her toes.” — Beth’s Mother

“You will discover through reading Beth’s book the many hidden obstacles out in our world today. Thank you Beth for never quitting! You helped save my life and I thank God for you and your book!” — Denise Blankinship/Airline Captain

To read more about this story, buy the book here:
back yard secret exposed