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Basic information on radiation problems

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Basic information on radiation problems

Basic information for the public on radiation problems

Basic information for the public on radiation problems

Radiowaves analogue system, then high frequency microwave radiation digital system

FM radio operates at around 100 megahertz – ie. 101.2, 103.5FM, etc.   It is referred to as radio waves.  Back in the 1990’s the analogue mobile phones operated at around 200 megahertz, and the telecommunications industry called that 1G.  The analogue signal is in the radio frequency which is the low end of the spectrum.  The radio analogue signal comes through the air in a wave pattern which is not nearly as harmful to the human body as high frequency microwave radiation.  This analogue system was changed to digital in 1997 when mobile phones increased to around 900 megahertz and called 2G.   This level of radiation is in the microwave spectrum, and called high frequency microwave radiation.  This radiation signal is pulsed out at the public from telecommunications towers in intense jagged bursts of power which are designed to penetrate objects, buildings and of course people as well.

 In 2006 3G was brought in and operated at around 1800 to 1950 megahertz.  In 2012 4G was brought in and operated at 2100 to 2400 megahertz of microwave radiation.  Note that microwave ovens operate at 2450 megahertz (2.45 gigahertz).  Now smart phones, and some smart meters and smart TVs operate at up to 6000 megahertz (or 6 gigahertz of radiation).   It is therefore obvious why so many people are suffering such a wide range of health problems.  The radiation is a subtle way of reducing the population.  It is accumulative in the body, gradually building up, while the body desperately works overtime trying to rid itself of this radiation.  The body’s immune system runs down, the liver can’t repair any more damage, and the downward health spiral gains momentum.  The radiation damages the DNA in your body, and changes the molecular structure of the brain.  The most common results being breast and bowl cancers, diabetes, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, heart attacks, depression, autism, neurological disorders, brain seizures and tumours, along with many more.  

This high frequency microwave radiation is measured in microwatts (µW/m²) or milliwatts (mW/m²) per square meter.  A safe level of microwave radiation is 0.001mW/m² or less.  This proven carcinogenic radiation is used to operate mobile phones; smart phones; smart TVs; ipads/tablets; cordless phone home systems; baby monitors which operate at 2.45 gigahertz; wireless internet computers; satellite internet computers; microwave ovens; Wii games; WiFi; and more.  A safe internet connection is through ADSL or dialup using a wired keyboard and mouse.  High frequency microwave radiation that is pulsed out from telecommunications tower’s parabolic dishes, panels, and antennae, etc. can travel many kilometres depending on the size of the tower, but large steel lattice structure towers can pulse the radiation signal up to 30kms.  As a guide, the highest radiation levels from a 40 meter high monopole tower is between a 300 and 500 meter radius.  The radiation pulsing panels are also put on top of shops and office buildings.

On 31st May 2011 the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued a worldwide warning to the public that both EMR and RFR including microwave radiation are now classified as a 2B carcinogen.  The World Health Organisation lumped this radiation into the same category as DDT and lead.

I highly recommend the purchase of a meter which reads RF radiation including microwave HF radiation.  The cheapest place I know of is at  I have one of their ‘Cornet ED85EX’ meters.  Cost was about $180, allow 2 weeks to arrive.  You will need to pay by Paypal.  Another option is contact them at:  P.O. 12118, Tzur Yigal, 44862, Israel.   Phone: 972-9-9553111.  I carry my meter around with me in a pouch in my handbag so I can see if an area is too high in radiation.  This enables me to get out of the area fast before it makes me sick. 

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

Electromagnetic radiation (on it’s own and not when mixed with HF microwave radiation) is far less of a problem to escape as people can be aware of it’s radiation range and then move outside of that danger area comparatively easily.  EMR is measured in milliGauss (mG).  All electrical appliances, and electrical motors create a field of electromagnetic radiation.  Most household appliances don’t have dangerous fields of more than 2mG much further than one meter distance when in operation – some are less.  Depending how much power is being used in the house, the electrical meterbox may have a dangerous milliGauss level up to a radius distance of 2 meters, therefore never put a bed, sofa, seats, etc.  up against the inside wall of this meterbox.  Power tools put out large levels of this EMR, especially welders which are extremely high.  Obviously 15,000 to 30,000 volt high tension power lines, transformers, substations, etc. put out huge amounts of EMR.   You would need to measure these for an accurate assessment, but roughly – depending on the wind, 500 to 1000 meters distance should be safe.  You can also purchase a meter from Radmeters called a ‘Trifield 100XE’ meter (which I have) to read this EMR in measurements of milliGauss.  Cost is about $150.

Dirty Electricity

The term ‘dirty electricity’ is mainly caused by faulty household wiring; coiling of wiring in the walls or ceiling which creates heat; faulty power points which need replacing, and poor or faulty earthing stakes.  The earthing stakes should be made of copper and about 1200mm long, they are driven into the earth with about 150mm still visible above the ground for the connection.  The dirt around the stake must remain moist (in the open) for best results of proper earthing.  Cost of these 3 items is about $35 from an electrical distributor –  ie. Middendorps, Lawrence & Hanson.

Shielding from radiation

Shielding protection from this high frequency microwave radiation is available from the manufacturer in Volker, West Germany at  David Mould is the Victorian distributor of this product at, or  Phone is 03 5988 6238.   David sells paint for the walls of houses and cloth which can be lined into clothing and bonnets or hats.  I have purchased both of these products so can recommend them.  Aluminium wire screen mesh (not the plastic type) can be put over windows to stop the radiation penetrating.   There are more companies listed on the internet.

 ‘Lame’ material (pronounced larmay’) purchased from Lincraft or Spotlight stores reduces the radiation.

Sources of public information:   (there are hundreds more)

             (P.O. Box 1403, Lindisfarne, TAS. 7015)  

  • EMR Australia P/L. by Lyn McLean, visit:   A quarterly bulletin paper is also put out by EMR Australia, contact:  PO Box 347, Sylvania Southgate, NSW 2224, or phone: 02 9576 1772.
  • Sky Vision Solutions – Raising Public Awareness and finding Solutions to Radiation Concerns.

Book titled:  ‘The Force’ - Living Safely in a world of electromagnetic pollution, published in 2011 by Scribe.                                              Book titled:  ‘Disconnect’ -  The truth about mobile phone radiation, what the industry has done to hide it, and how to protect your family, by Devra Davis published in 2010 by Scribe.

Much has happened since these books were published, including far more radiation now being unleashed onto the unsuspecting public, so these books are not up to date – they are only a guide.

Stop Smart Meter Organisation, and the new ‘People Power Victoria’ political party

The Stop Smart Meter organisation which has gained huge numbers of followers over the past few years of many tens of thousands of Victorians now has their new political party registered with the Victorian Electoral Commission as ‘People Power Victoria – No smart meters’.  This new PPV party will have candidates standing at the Victorian November 2014 elections.  Experience now has shown us that ‘People Power’ is the only way the public can force change to rid us of this proven carcinogenic smart meter high frequency microwave radiation.  To join the party, contact Marc Florio on 03 9323 1285, or email:  For information on smart meters and radiation problems go to  There you can also click on to request all new information that is posted onto that site be sent directly to your computer so that you keep up to date with current events.

Note that smart meters are still NOT COMPULSORY.  The installers and their foreign owned Electricity Provider companies simply lie to you and bully you into giving in and letting them install the smart meter.  Stand your ground and ensure your box is LOCKED.  Even if you don’t have a smart meter, the pulsed HF microwave radiation is going across your front yard if you have neighbouring houses in line with your house.   This radiation pulse is every 30 seconds to 2 minute intervals, making front yards dangerous to health.


The American Academy of Environmental Medicine wrote on 12th April 2012:  Extract:

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine today released its position paper on electromagnetic field (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) health effects calling for immediate caution regarding smart meter installations.  Citing several peer-reviewed scientific studies, the AAEM concludes that “significant harmful biological effects occur from non-thermal RF exposure” showing causality.”

 Dr. Amy Dean said “ Patients are reporting to physicians the development of symptoms and adverse health effects after “smart Meters” are installed on their homes.  Immediate action is necessary to protect the public’s health”. 

Dr. William J. Rea, past president of AAEM and a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon says: “Technological advances must be assessed for harmful effects in order to protect society from the ravages of end-stage disease like cancer, heart disease, brain dysfunction, respiratory distress, and fibromyalgia.  EMF and wireless technology are the latest innovations to challenge the physician whose goal is to help patients and prevent disease”.   Extract from:

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine 12/4/2012 pages 1 - 4 advise the use of fibre optic cabling for safe internet connections, opposed to the dangerous wireless connections.

What can happen to those who don’t lock their meterbox

Sofia from Cheltenham made the mistake of not locking her meterbox when she was away.  Although she had the signs placed on it refusing a smart meter, the installer ignored them and put one in.  When she got home she began to get very sick and eventually went out to check the box.  United Energy refused to put an analogue meter back in so she got an electrician to do the job.  United Energy eventually cut her power off in March 2014 – it is still off as at 01.08.2014.  She cannot have a smart meter as she says it’s microwave radiation was literally killing her.  She lost her job as she was too sick to work and now exists on a disability pension.   This has all been very stressful for her and her 15 year old daughter.  She has been fighting this ever since and is going to VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) in August.  Ironically United Energy’s excuse for not reconnecting her power is that the meter was removed and the new analogue meter put in without United Energy knowing who did the work so it might not be safe!!   What a joke!!  You can contact Sofia Telemzouguer on 03 9583 7714 (P.O. Box 161, Moorabbin, 3189), or email:  She would very much appreciate any help and suggestions given.

Government departments called ARPANSA and ACMA

The government’s departments they call ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) – a fancy impressive sounding name for a basic government department, and ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) both control the telecommunications radiation standards.  The Govt. formed this new Dept. in about 1998 that they called ARPANSA and gave it the allowable limits of radiation of 3kh to 300 gigahertz  to sit with.  This would distance the government from it and from any future flack.  This allowable limit was set extremely high to ensure the telecommunications industry’s future was assured – meaning the industry is safe to pulse out at the public their desired amount of radiation knowing that they will always be well under the radiation limit.  This allowable level of radiation was not made to ensure public health safety as most people had expected.  ARPANSA is where the public are directed to when wanting to complain about the dangerous levels of radiation permitted in this country.   For well over a decade now ARPANSA has continued to state: ‘we are monitoring the situation’ – that is all they ever do! Monitor, monitor and more monitoring!

Dr Neil Cherry stated well over a decade ago:  ‘I am astounded at the high degree of self-regulation in Australia. Industry and users of the technology are in the majority on the standards committee’.

The Govt. Dept. called ACMA was given the task of regulating that allowable limit of radiation which ARPANSA holds.  Therefore, each department can blame the other.  ACMA works closely with the telecommunications industry.  ACMA also regulates the media – both radio and TV broadcasting.  They have control over what they ‘deem appropriate’ for the ignorant mushroom public to be told.  Hence the trouble we have all had trying to get telecommunications towers shown on TV as ‘radiation killers’, as well as health problems caused by WiFi, smart meters, smart phones, wireless, etc.  The government has control over what is broadcasted.

Money Controls:

The Government receives billions of dollars from the telecommunications industry through sales of RF devices, and from spectrum licences for the use of the airways (which the government controls) to pulse out radiation in bandwidths.   It has become apparent that not until the public health crisis has reached epidemic proportions when it is costing the government more than the telecommunications industry gives them, that they will be forced to come clean and change their approach.  Scientists suggest that will be around the year 2017. 

Wendy and Stewart McClelland   (P.O. Box 369, Sebastopol,  Vic.  3356)                                       

Phone: 03 5346 1114,     Email:                                         (as at 1st August 2014)