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Anthony i worked with smart meters on a daily basis and suffered

Anthony i worked with smart meters on a daily basis and suffered

Hi There,

And wow,glad i found your website!

8yrs ago,i developed stress/anxiety symptoms,insomnia,fatigue,swollen glands,digestive problems,tinnitus,allergies,funny taste in the mouth,couldn't smell properly,brain fog,finding it hard to make a decision,constant headaches,head pressure,high blood pressure and uncontrolled hyperventilating on a daily basis.I did really feel my body and or immune system was under attack ..These symptoms appeared to come out of the blue and i've never been the person to stress for one...Anyhow a year later,i started work for an electricity company and the symptoms were not abating..I tried going vegan,i tried yoga,nothing was helping.

So i began self medicating with illegal and legal drugs,to alleviate symptoms.The last 8yrs health wise on a daily basis has been hell and i had no answer as to why i was feeling this way,except maybe stress,up until 2 days ago.You see,after having these symptoms for the 1st year,i decided to get rid of wireless internet and limit my exposure to mobile phones,though it did not help me.Anyway,2 days ago,i decided to go back to wireless,ALL symptoms came back with a vengeance and the wireless was promptly disconnected.The last 4mnths,i've had off work,it was only up until 6weeks ago,i started feeling better and all symptoms had gone,that is up until 2days ago.Btw i live in the Dandenongs and the smart meter i do have installed,can't transmit. : - )

So with my work,i worked with smart meters on a daily basis and suffered,unbeknown to me,that they were the cause.Work suddenly dried up 4mnths ago,they took my work car and wanted to downgrade my job.I didn't bother returning to work,at that stage,i didn't care anymore,i wanted to feel better again.As 6mnths of this year,i have felt heavily fatigued,never felt so run down in my life!It wore me down in the end.

So where to from here?I have a mortgage to pay and have been living on the little savings i have.Legal action is a consideration,my duration of employment has been a silent living hell and i was just trying a way to exist,to function.Anyhow it's a weight off my shoulders knowing the cause and i to,have not suffered alone from a perceived mental symptom and or from imagining it.