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ANN a desperate life

Ann is in serious need of suitable accommodation
Ann has been very ill for many years; she desperately needs to raise money for essential, urgent treatment. Ann is in serious need of suitable accommodation. She needs somewhere away from chemicals and electromagnetic fields – temporary or permanent. Her life is now one of suffering and deprivation – and doesn’t need to be

She has severe multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) as a result of a breakdown of the immune system.
This results in food, chemical, inhalant and electrical sensitivities. MCS is a rapidly growing problem today. Due to suffering with extreme MCS, Ann has to cope with many symptoms every day, which have made her a prisoner in her own home, bedridden for the most part and unable to take care of herself or her home. Due to these extreme sensitivities, Ann is unable to have anyone in her home, No workmen, careworkers, doctors, or even her own son! Imagine what it’s like to lie in bed looking at filth and squaller, often too weak to get out of bed, and not being able to do anything about it. She has become sensitive to electromagnetic fields so is now unable to use a telephone, computer or TV – so she is often without any form of outside communication. She feels so demoralised, frustrated and has constantly high stress levels.


If you can help Anne with a donation of any size or can help in any way, or to just see more information about Anne, please go to here website.

Ann used to live a normal life, but now lives with……

steph stand 
  • • Extreme weakness and exhaustion
  • • Extreme dizziness
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)
  • • Cognitive dysfunction – Ann best describes it as ‘constantly feeling as though you’re drugged’
  • • Increasingly aching muscles, joints and bones – sometimes in a lot of pain
  • •Food intolerance…to everything
  • • Hair loss, loss of teeth, unable to see a dentist or have dentures.
  • • Sjogren’s Syndrome which damages the cornea, putting her at risk of blindness
  • • Systemic Lupus, putting her at risk of stroke/renal failure 
  •  •Asthma & Raynaud’s Phenomenon – very cold hands
  •  Very shaky, unsteady, dizzy and accident-prone, balance and coordination now very bad
  • No heating on or windows open – sunny England with no heating-can you imagine
  • • Mould throughout the house because of constant condensation – One of the worst things for an MCS sufferer
 The usual drug therapy is not an option because her reactions to drugs are much worse that the symptoms they’re meant to be treating. Alternative therapies do not work and she cannot tolerate herbs. Nursing home is not an option and her accommodation is now highly unsuitable.
Breakspear Hospital IS the ONLY option.
She has tried everything else, nothing works…      
Ann cannot clean her house due to lack of strength and now has great difficulty climbing the stairs. She is forced to sleep in the kitchen as it is the only room with flooring she can tolerate. She has no lights in the kitchen. Both the kitchen taps are broken. The cold one has had to be switched completely off and the hot tap (thanks to a very kind friend), has a home made G-clamp requiring two hands, strength and patience to turn on and off (almost impossible for someone who is that ill) She is having to avoid turning the tap on as much as possible. If Ann needs water she has to go upstairs (that hot tap is starting to fall apart) but she is too weak and dizzy to keep climbing the stairs and unable to have anyone help her up when she falls…. The hot tap in the bathroom does not work properly and she rarely has any hot water.  She frequently has to wash in freezing cold water in winter and she has Raynaud’s Phenomenon! Nearly all the lights in the house are now broken. There are no working lights in the kitchen or in the bedroom where the fridge has to be so many more risks are increased. NOTHING CAN BE DONE UNTIL SHE RECEIVES MEDICAL TREATMENT AND HER HEALTH IMPROVES.  She has frequent accidents due to dizziness which is getting worse and worse all the time.
Cooking and preparing food have become an extreme challenge.  A simple task such as washing a few dishes can easily take Ann hours now. She is often eating freezing cold food simply to stay alive.  She is burning her food most days now and her poor careworker is getting wrist ache scrubbing the cooker and hob (which has to be kept in the porch) every time she is there…. Eventually Ann will be unable to manage tasks such as cooking.
Because she is electrically sensitive, she can’t have the fridge in the kitchen as she sleeps in there, so her fridge is in the upstairs bedroom and she has a table top cooker in the porch which is downstairs so you can imagine the logistics…Getting food from the fridge upstairs, down to the porch area downstairs and coming back up again to the kitchen with hot food. If she was healthy it would be bad enough but as it is, she finds it very painful going up and down the stairs, she is increasingly accident prone, her balance is bad and she is very shaky and dizzy. She is very spaced out, absent minded, she is constantly making mistakes and breaking things. She is seriously struggling.All of the above is so stressful that she very often feels that she can’t go on. It is so demoralising as she keeps messing up. She starts her day hoping that she won’t make too many mistakes. By the evening, she doesn’t have the energy to heat up her food so she eats it cold.Ann cannot have a TV on – even prisoners get to watch TV…. She is too weak to read and she cannot use the telephone, computer or washing machine. 
MCS affects family life, relationships, social interaction, and even simple things such as dressing. Ann is not even able to have carers in her home because of severe reactions to such things as ordinary washing powders. The Health Authority used to be able to fund treatment but due to cuts, Ann and many others have lost this funding. She has sold everything of any value and every penny of her state benefits is spent on necessities. She used to be well enough, with treatment, to care for herself and her home. She could have her son in the house and have physical contact with people. She also completed two college courses & was able to go out all day (& evening) 3 times per week.
She has done everything possible to help herself.
Have you ever been unable to give a loved one a hug? Everyone needs a hug occasionally….
She has no stimulus, sense of fulfilment or achievement. Every day is a fight for survival, its a prison sentence without parole…. She’s afraid that she may grow old, isolated in her home, with her symptoms getting worse  – a meaningless and painful existence. She has sold everything of any value and every penny of her meagre resources is spent on necessities like organic food, water filters, chemical-free products, supplements etc.
Life has just become a constant fight to overcome one problem after another and constantly failing (after feeling like we have gone through twenty brick walls and still somehow maintaining a small degree of hope). She is beyond desperate and it feels as though those with chemical sensitivities are being viewed as ‘throw away’ people…. She just wants a chance to have a life (or even half a life) and an opportunity to use what she has learnt to help others.
If ANN had her life back, this is what she would do…
Ann has so much to give; she would be a real asset to the community. She would love to be well enough to earn her own money. There are so many things she wants to do – including all the little things we take for granted. She has a real thirst for life and a burning desire to make up for lost time. She is intelligent, fun, caring, extremely hard working, and has done everything humanly possible to help herself. When the Health Authority were able to fund treatment Ann started training to be a counsellor, she would love the opportunity to continue this training. She was also able to have friends to her house, take care of herself and her home, go shopping or to the doctors and opticians. If she was able to have treatment, Ann would use all that she has learned from her experience of suffering to help others. She would love to pick up the telephone to talk to friends but she has not been able to speak to many of them for years. To be able to raise enough money to take her out of these appalling conditions and give her a normal life back would mean so much to so many people - Please read the testimonials of her doctors, careworkers, family and friends on our final page under the header ‘Testimonials’…
‘DYING IS PREFERABLE TO THIS….’ – Ann (she keeps going for the sake of her son)
Treatment for Ann is available at The Breakspear Hospital.  At one time, this treatment was funded by the NHS and enabled Ann to have a much improved quality of life.  She was able to go out for three whole days and evenings a week, she was able to do her own housework, she went shopping, went to the dentist, the opticians, visited the hairdressers, she had days out with her son and daughter in law, she visited friends, completed two college courses in counselling and much more.  However, after funding was withdrawn, her health has been deteriorating ever since. Ann has been left with no treatment, unless she can raise the money to pay for it. Others have also lost their funding for this treatment and some have died as a result.
If you are a member of the medical profession, more information on MCS is available below:
Visit the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health at up ‘The Search For Reliable Biomarkers Of Disease In MCS And Other Environmental Intolerances (2011)’Visit the British Society for Ecological Medicine at
Download pdf document ‘Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities’ by the Canadian Human Rights Commission:

 Visit the Breakspear Hospital website for more information on the services and treatments they provide (includes videos and articles)

Request a list from Breakspear hospital of peer reviewed published evidence of clinical effectiveness of Low Dose Allergen Specific Immunotherapy

 If you can help Anne with a donation of any size or can help in any way, or to just see more information about Anne, please go to here website.