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Building Biology considers all aspects of the indoor environment in which we live and work for an average of 90% of our lives. The buildings in which we live and work should support and enhance the wellbeing of everyone in that building. Unfortunately Sic

Building Biology has been practised in Europe sine the early 1970�s but is relatively new and under utilised in Australia. It is the goal of this association to create a much greater awareness of Building Biology and the principles that govern it.

The association will also serve as a means to locate qualified Building Biologists who will be able to provide Building Biology services, including:

Air sampling

Indoor air quality assessment

Building design

Complete building biology consultation

EMF testing


Going green

Green and non-toxic products

Healthy and green building materials


Mould inspection

Pre-purchase/lease inspections

Radio frequency/phone tower testing and shielding

Water filters

Our practitioner members are all qualified to practise building biology and keep their professional skills and knowledge up-to-date.