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ARPANSA Report Form

for the Electromagnetic Radiation Health Complaints Register:

Everyone who has EHS (Electromagnetic hypersensitivity), please fill out this form and post it to ARPANSA.

It is not something we can use to make complaints or ask questions. It is simply a way to make it known to ARPANSA that we are suffering ill-effects from smart meters and mobile phone towers or other electromagnetic fields or installations. Without this notification ARPANSA could assume no one is suffering any ill effects at all.

ARPANSA Report Form, Electromagnetic Radiation Health Complaints Register 

Open 'File' then click 'Print'. Fill in your details then post it to ARPANSA via snail mail (post office) or using facsimile. Unfortunately the option to send it via email is not available.

If you would like a copy of this document: Click link to open it, then click File, 'Make a copy', name your document, save it to 'My Drive',