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A presentation about EHS from Steven Weller

A presentation about EHS from Steven Weller


A presentation about EHS from Steven Weller
B.Sc. Monash
20th May 2015

Download the PDF from Steve Weller.

Mission statement
What is EHS? A misunderstood condition
My experiences - A personal journey of discovery
What research really says
Problems with most studies
Public Concerns
Lack of support and the implications
How ARPANSA and NHMRC can help
Closing Statements

To improve the understanding of what characterises EHS
To provide evidence that refutes current perceptions and prejudices held by authorities that EHS is a likely to be a psychosomatic condition
To demonstrate that there is a significant amount of evidence suggesting subjective symptoms are caused by EMR exposure
To convince authorities to reassess their views and look for real solutions to help those who are suffering

Click here to download:

http://radiationrefuge.com/images/pdfs/EHS Presentation - Steve Weller.pdf