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3 Axis RF Meter


3 Axis RF Meter $199.95

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Meter Specifications
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RF 50 MHz 3.5 GHz

Perfect Low Cost Digital RF Meter

Breakthrough in low cost RF measurement. Covers 50 MHz to 3.5 GHz and great for digital and analog RF signals. Use in 3-axis (isotropic) measurement mode or check each of the X,Y Z axis! Includes audio alarm with adjustable threshold and 200 point manual memory function. Extremely sensitive: 38 mV/m to 11 V/m (equivalent to .38 nanoWatt/cm² to 30 microWatt/cm²). 4-digit LCD display offers mV/m, A/m, W/cm², or W/m². Display resolution: 0.1mV/m, 0.1µA/m, 0.001µW/m², 0.001µW/cm². Updates 2.5 times per second. Choose to display instantaneous value, maximum value, or average. ±2.4dB accuracy or better. Great for cell tower and wi-fi measurements. Uses 9V battery. 1 yr factory warranty. Model TM-195