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18 GHz RF Meter


18 GHz RF Meter $129.95

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RF 50 Hz 18 GHz

18 GHz RF Meter - Ruggedized, Portable, and Simple

This delightful meter measures electric field from 50 Hz to 18 GHz! Telescoping antenna and one button operation provide the simplicity you want, and the logarithmic scale provides the range you need: from tiny 0.005�W/cm� signals to ridiculously high 40mW/cm� blasts. Just turn it on and read off the meter. Needle gauge offers super-fast response, so you can see the pulses from intermittent emitters too.

Perfect for identifying radiation hot spots at home or on the road, and for checking shielding effectiveness. Good quality at a low price!

- Frequency response: 50Hz to 18GHz

- Sensitivity range: 0.005 �W/cm2 to 40 mW/cm

- Accuracy: �10% (50Hz to 10GHz)

- Battery life: 9V Duracell, approx 50 hours