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Displays both total AC magnetic field plus levels with powerline frequencies and their harmonics removed

This unique single axis meter is extremely easy to use and displays both total AC magnetic field plus levels with powerline frequencies and their harmonics removed. This allows the user to determine how much of the field is from normal man-made sources and how much is from other sources at a glance. Measure the field from a DC motor, or the fields inside your car without worries of contamination from powerlines. A great tool for looking for transient fields not associated with powerlines!

This is done by using fast and accurate filtering techniques to notch out 50/60 Hz and all harmonics of 50/60 Hz. Just turn it on and go. Unit automatically detects if you're where 50Hz is used or 60Hz is used. Travel all over the world with your meter, with no worries about changing settings. No menus, no complications, no errors - just an ON/OFF switch - as it should be.

Fastest update rate of any digital meter: up to 4.6 times per second. This fast update rate allows you to sweep areas faster, as well as track down sources faster. True-RMS readings are accurate (±4%) for not only pure sine waves, but any field, even transient fields.

A green LED backlight lets this meter go where many others can't - the dark. Want to conserve battery life or don't want the backlight? No problem, turn it off with a simple jumper in the battery compartment. Weighs just 3.8oz and can easily fit in your pocket. At just 4.4" x 2.6" x 1.1", it makes a great, and slim, addition to any toolbox.

Frequency range: 15 to 550 Hz (Flat frequency response).

Measurement range is 0 to 99.9 mG (resolution to 0.1 mG).