A message to Cathy McGowan and the people of Indi

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

Heart Palpitations
Blurred Vision
Memory Problems
Irregular Heart Beat
Skin Rashes
Concentration Problems
Acid Reflux

Muscle Pain
Joint Pain
Heart Arrhythmia
Muscle Spasms
Chest Pain

Low Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure
Itchy Skin
Burning Skin
Facial Flushing
Digestive Problems
Abdominal Pain
Enlarged Thyroid
Testicular Pain
Immune Abnormalities
Ovarian Pain

According to the US Navy Medical Research Institute (USNMRI) 1972* and The World Health Organisation (WHO) **,  these are the documented symptoms of exposure to radio waves / micro waves, more commonly known today as Electro Magnetic Radiation or EMR. 

 This condition has been by many names including “Radio Wave Sickness” and "Microwave Syndrome". This condition is now more commonly known as Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity (EHS),. It is also just referred to as Electrical Sensitivity (ES).  

You do not have to have ES to be suffering from one or more of these symptoms. Many people have one or more of these symptoms, but do not attribute them to the presence of EMR from smart meters, mobile phone towers, mobile phones, NBN, WIFI, cordless phones, solar inverters, power line transformers etc. Most people who have one or more of these symptoms just ignore the possible link to these technologies, and put the cause down to something else.

My name is Bruce Evans. I am an Electromagnetic Radiation Refugee. I am 50 years old. I am a programmer specialising in custom content management and website selling systems. Most of my former occupations have been in manual labour in jobs such as garbo (Garbage man), concreter, brickie's labourer, motor cycle mechanic and furniture removals. I have also worked a lot in sales and marketing. I am also a former green beret in the Australian Special Forces.

I am now a self taught programmer specialising in building custom content management systems and custom selling systems for the internet. I have no formal qualifications, and am quite proud of that. I have been doing this for over fifteen years.

I was also an accomplished percussionist specialising in Afro Cuban, Middle Eastern and Latin percussion, playing congas, djembe and darabukah. But I had to stop playing because I could not go to venues because of WIFI etc.

I am not a medical professional, naturopath or health practitioner of any sort, nor do I pretend to be. However I have spent many years studying health and nutrition and have spent most of my life in training for sport, health or the military. So I do have some idea of how the human body is supposed to work.

I have ES and have had since 2007. I moved to Myrrhee to escape phone towers, WIFI, smart meters and other microwave emitting devices after spending nearly two years locked in my room in Collingwood for most of the day, to avoid the headaches, nausea, tinnitus, sinusitis, fatigue, skin rashes, blurred vision that I experienced after exposure to these devices.

I originally came from the Myrrhee region and my family has been here for something like 150 years, to the best of my knowledge.

I will be using the term ES for my condition because you do not have to be hyper sensitive to be affected. I believe we are all affected, but some of us do not show symptoms.
Just some modern sources of EMR are:

Smart meters (Even non transmitting ones)
Mobile phones
Mobile phone towers
The wiring in your house or workplace
Cordless phones
Baby monitors

Energy saver light globes
Solar inverters (and panels with inverters)
Power line transformers
High tension power lines
Car electronics
AM and FM radio transmitters
Television station transmitters

It is estimated that somewhere between 3% and 10% of the population have ES in one form or another. In my experience, I have found it hard to find people that do not suffer from at least one of these symptoms. My best guess would be that at least 50% of the population have at least one of these symptoms.

Obviously this does not mean that people experiencing these symptoms automatically have ES. Their symptoms could be caused by any number of other factors including diet and lifestyle. But it is interesting that most of these symptoms have become so much more common since the introduction of smart meters and mobile phones.
 If there is no alternative explanation for these symptoms, is it worth considering that EMR may be causing, or aggravating, them?

After all, EMR is documented to cause these very same symptoms by none other than the US Navy Medical Research Institute.  Most of these symptoms are also acknowledged by the World Health Organisation. So if you have no other explanation, is it not worth considering the possibility?

Many diseases, same symptoms
Many of these symptoms can be classified as symptoms of other conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chemical Sensitivity, Black Mould  Toxicity, auto immune disease, adrenal fatigue and many others. The problem here is that the symptoms are so similar that it would be hard to tell where the dividing line is between one disease and the other. There have been many cases of people being diagnosed (using their symptoms as the diagnostic criteria) as having one disease and then several years later being diagnosed as having another instead.

Here is just a sample of some symptoms of various conditions and their symptoms:

Rows that are in green are represent matches of symptoms across all diseases.
Rows that are in grey, represent matches of the symtpom in two diseases.
Cells that are in white are symptoms that do not match in other diseases.

symptoms of ES compared to other conditions.

Many conditions helped by limiting exposure.
One thing that has become clear to me in various discussions with medical professionals, clinicians, naturopaths and sufferers, is that nearly all of these symptoms are greatly improved by the reduction of exposure to EMR. This leads me to believe that maybe, since a huge percentage of their symptoms are exactly the same as the symptoms of EMR exposure, maybe EMR is an aggravating factor, or even the primary factor in many cases.

I would never dispute the benefits of this technology
So being in IT, I would never dispute that the benefits of this technology are just phenomenal. A farmer can now stand in his paddock and call the fire brigade if there is a fire. A farmer can call for help if he has a heart attack in the middle of the paddock. You can send emails from your phone in the middle of the bush.

I can completely understand why people are foaming at the mouth to get this technology in their area either upgraded, or initiated.

The technology is just fantastic and without it, I would not have a career. So I am in some ways part of the problem. You may call me a hypocrite now if you wish.

The problem is this:
The general public is living under the delusion that this technology is safe.
They believe that if there was a problem with this technology, they would have been warned.
They cannot believe that their representatives in parliament would expose them to this technology if there was a danger.
They believe that the government has regulators in place that protect them.
They believe that these regulators have done countless studies and have left no stone unturned to ensure the safety of the general public.
They believe that companies like Telstra would not lie to them because Telstra is a big friendly “Australian” company.
Some people just believe that they are invincible and that electricity or microwaves cannot harm them.

Well I can assure you that on all of these points you are sadly mistaken.
The regulators have not done their research properly. They have created bogus studies that are designed to fail.
The regulators are in part funded by the very Telcos that they are supposed to be regulating, so do you actually think that they will bite the hand that feeds them?
The government follows these regulators blindly and like the regulators, ignores anything that interferes with their agenda.
There are over five thousand research papers and studies that show a direct connection between EMR exposure and the symptoms listed above.

In my own conversation with a leading scientist at ARPANSA, when I asked:
“so how do you arrive at the levels that you recommend as safe?”
The reply was:
“we look around on the internet for research papers and pick the ones that we like” (Ken Karapidis, ARPANSA)
This is the actual conversation that I had with one their lead scientists.

So that also makes me a lead scientist, because that is exactly what I do, except I do not discard something because it does not fit my agenda.

Regulatory authorities always wrong
If you feel that you or your child is safe because there is an official sounding organisation that works with the government that overseas all of this technology, then again, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, the only thing that these regulators can be relied upon for is consistently getting it wrong.

Let’s take the World Health Organisation (WHO) for example. They told us that tobacco, asbestos, DDT, thalidomide and lead, were all safe and that we had nothing to worry about. But now, we know differently.
I just have to ask: “do they actually have any idea what they are doing?”

At this moment in time, asbestos, DDT, and lead are all listed as class 2B carcinogens by the WHO. This means they are possibly carcinogenic. I think this is an understatement and given the past performance of the WHO, I think if they are saying it is a possible carcinogen, it means that it is far worse than that.

An example
So if I was your neighbour and I said to you that every day I am going to release a fine mist of water that contains DDT into the air and allow it to blow over you and your children all day every day, would you be concerned?
Because we all know that DDT is a deadly carcinogen right?

Well what if I said to you that I have formed a company called DDT Mist Co and its task is to spray this fine DDT mist all over your family day and night? To add to this, my DDT Mist Co has been sanctioned by the government and there is nothing you can do to stop it?
Would you be outraged?
Would you be concerned for the safety of your children?

What if I then said that this DDT Mist Co was foreign owned and made billions out of its DDT spraying activities and that the Australian government will always side with this company in any dispute.
Do you think this is treason?

Well here is the alarming reality of this metaphor, Electro Magnetic Radiation such as that emitted by phone towers, mobile phones, smart meters and WIFI, is also classified as a 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organisation. It is in the exact same category as DDT, asbestos and lead.
Telecommunications companies are, according to the WHO's classification, with the blessing of the government, doing the equivalent of spraying you and your children with DDT twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year.
Are you alarmed yet?

The big questions here are “Why weren’t you told?”, “Why didn’t you know about this?”, “Why hasn’t the government stopped this?”
Do you believe that you have a right to know about this?

Do you think that if something is going to penetrate your body day and night as microwaves do, that you have a right to say that you do not consent to this?
Do you think that telecommunications companies have an obligation for full disclosure when erecting phone towers? Or that power companies have an obligation of full disclosure when installing a smart meter?

I think we should at least be presented with the facts so that we can make informed decisions.
Is that so unreasonable?
Am I asking too much?

The cause of these symptoms.
This is my theory on what the cause of ES and many other of the “modern diseases” that we are now familiar with in schools and the home.
As I have stated, I am not a medical professional and I will not pretend for a second that I am. But it does not take a genius to see that we now have an epidemic of children with “unexplained diseases” that only seventy years ago were almost non-existent or so rare as be statistically irrelevant.

So my theory has two factors:

  1. The environment is not meant to be saturated with microwaves.
  2. The body is not meant to be overloaded with heavy metal toxins.

The human body evolved, or was created, depending on your view, in an atmosphere resonating at roughly 8hz of natural radiation. This is healthy and natural and is also thought to be part of nature’s way of keeping us healthy, but that is another story.

Given that smart meters and phone towers have a minimum range of 21km, in the last hundred years, the human body has been expected to cope with thousands of instances (in any one inner city or rural city location) of microwaves at levels that are millions of times stronger than what the body is designed to withstand.
Do you think that at some point there are going to be some adverse effects?

Without getting technical, using my RF meter in an area that has very little or no transmitters, I get a reading of 0.0005 mw/m2 (microwatts per meter squared).  This is pretty close to what you would say is natural. But here will be other signals outside of the range of my meter that have not been detected, signals of much higher frequency.

When I am in the town of Wangaratta, Benalla or Melbourne, I get readings of up to 250.0  mw/m2. That is quite a difference.
In fact an Iphone itself can give you readings of 250  mw/m2, sometimes when you are not even making a call.

I also get very high magnetic readings in the main street of Benalla due to the underground cables. Some of my readings are as high as 10 Milligauss (using a Trifield meter). Of course this is “safe” according to the “experts”, just like DDT, asbestos, lead, mercury and thalidomide were all safe, until they were proven not to be after decades of campaigning by affected people.

Heavy metals
It is quite simple. Antennas or aerials are made of metal because metal can capture radio waves and microwaves. Your car aerial is made of metal because this is the most efficient method of capturing radio waves.

So it stands to reason that if you fill your body up with heavy metal toxins, it will do the same. Your body will become a walking antenna. Just because the metals are in your body does not mean that the metals are going to react differently.

The sources of these heavy metals are amalgam fillings, metals in the water such as aluminium, fluoride, copper, lead etc. There are also metals in cookware such as aluminium iron and copper which will become a part of your meal. Even your innocent looking cheap wok will leach iron into your food and can contribute to conditions like hemochromatosis due to the excess iron in your blood.
And there is also many metals in vaccines, most notably, mercury either in its original form, or modified and conveniently renamed as another ingredient.

There are also naturally occurring metals in your body such as minerals like magnesium, iron etc. So just because you don’t think you have not been exposed to any of the above sources of heavy metals, does not mean that you do not have metals in your body. These natural metals are still metals and they will still react the same way to microwaves as heavy metal toxins do. They will act like and antenna and turn you into a walking antenna.

Immune response
When microwaves hit these metal particles in your body, it causes and immune response and your body tries to attack the metal particle. After years of immune responses twenty four hours a day, every day, your immune system can become overworked and begin to weaken. This can set the stage for viruses or degenerative diseases to take hold.

But of course, you will still be able to get WIFI in hospital, so not to worry.

Where is the proof?
I am only going to offer one piece of proof for you. And in my unqualified opinion, this piece of proof should be enough to stop the rollout of all new EMR transmitting devices and demand safe technology.
We need to realise that the companies that are rolling out this technology are not doing it because they love you and want you to be safe. They are doing it for profit.

So where is this proof?
In the blood.

In the following images, borrowed from http://www.westonaprice.org we see live blood samples taken before any mobile phone exposure, after carrying a phone around in a back pack for forty five minutes, and forty five minutes after making a call. Have a close look at what is happening to your blood every time you make a call.
Blood samples when exposed to mobile phones
Blood samples when exposed to mobile phones

And here you can see changes in the blood after exposure to a smart meter for only a few minutes. Keep in mind, that most people will be subjected to this sort of exposure much of the time as many people have their beds on the other side of the wall from the smart meter.
Blood samples when exposed to smart meter

Now as I have stated, I am not a medical professional, but I can see that this is very alarming. I also know that if the blood thickens up as is the case when the blood coagulates like in the “after” photo, this leads to impaired circulation. This leads to a whole host of other degenerative diseases such as arthritis, varicose veins, and many diseases of the blood. I do not have to be a health professional to see that what is right in front of my eyes spells disaster for the human body. And you are bathing yourself in this radiation from your smart meters, mobile phones, mobile phone towers and WIFI all day long.

Do you think that at some point your body is going to start showing signs of weakness?

Cathy McGowan
So this brings me to the issue of Cathy McGowan’s ambition of eliminating blackspots as per here election platform. Now I wold like to make this quite clear right from the start, I respect Cathy McGowan, I think she is a good person. I think she genuinely cares about the people in her electorate and wants the best for them. Please do not misquote me on this.

I have had a meeting with Cathy McGowan over this issue and she did follow it up once she was made aware of the issue. She did more than any other politician that I have had any dealings with, including Malcolm Turnbull, who I do not respect or like. Instead of the usual brick wall that you immediately strike when you bring an issue like this to light, Cathy listened and followed up on it to see if there was any truth to what I had told her.

The issues that I have with Cathy McGowan are these:

  • 1 - She did not know of the dangers of her ambitions prior to embarking on them.
    2 - Once made aware of the dangers, she did not change her plans of increasing mobile phone towers in the region.
    3 - She has not made a determined effort to alert the people on Indi to the dangers of EMR.
    4 - She will not give me a 100% guarantee that her plans will not affect my health.
    5 - She will not give me a 100% guarantee that her plans will not affect others in the community.

I think I am entitled to this guarantee and the people of Indi are entitled to be warned of the dangers of EMR so that they can make a choice between having healthy blood and diseased blood for them themselves and their children.

I have also made the same demands of Telstra. You would think that someone like Telstra would be able to say “We guarantee our technology is 100% safe” without the slightest hesitation or blink of an eye. But this is not the case. To date I have not had one person, organisation, government official of any capacity, communications regulator, or any other person for that matter, commit to any sort of guarantee of safety. All they ever do is handball the issue of responsibility to someone else, who also denies any responsibility.

So why is this?
What are we, guinea pigs?
Do we not have the right to know that this technology is safe?
Are they above the law and human decency?
Is it really ok to pass the buck when people’s lives are at stake?

It is quite simple.
If we are to be subjected to 100% of the adverse effects of this technology, we are entitled to a 100% guarantee of safety and acceptance of liability if they are found to be in error. After all, our lives are going to be impacted 100% if we suffer from adverse health conditions, so the people responsible should have 100% of their assets and income as surety for their decisions.

So if there are guilty parties who have hid the truth, ignored the truth, did not seek the truth to begin with, were paid to keep quiet, or were just plain negligent, they should be held accountable.

To put it in laymans terms:

If my ass is on the line because of their decisions, their asses should be too!

Bruce Evans Electromagnetic Radiation Refugee, Myrrhee.


** The WHO, does not list ALL of these symptoms, the USSNMRC, does.

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